The Norman Way at Ishartmon Church

The content below appears on the Norman Way interpretive panel at Ishartmon Church.

The text makes for interesting reading but there is nothing quite like visiting these authentic and under-explored heritage locations in person. Visit the beautiful Norman Way in Wexford to feel the history and age-old atmosphere coursing all around you.

Double Bellcote

Ishartmon Church contains a ‘double bellcote’ at the very top of the ruin on its west gable wall. The double bellcote is a distinct feature of several of the churches found along the Norman Way in Wexford. St Dubhán’s Church on Hook Head Peninsula, contains a recently reconstructed double bellcote.

Holy Water Font

There is a very impressive font made from pink granite in the nave of this long ruined church. This was used to hold holy water in during Norman times.

The Final Resting Place of a Local Family

Ishartmon church and graveyard is the burial place of the Boxwell family from the nearby Butlerstown Castle, which is a Norman inspired stone tower house built around the 15th century.

Discover the Norman Way for Yourself

Can you spot the ‘putlog holes’ in the ruined church wall? These holes were used to support wooden scaffolding during the construction of the church as its walls grew in height. You will see them in many of the other churches along the Norman Way.

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