The Norman Way at Ballyhealy Castle

The content below appears on the Norman Way interpretive panel at Ballyhealy Castle.

The text makes for interesting reading but there is nothing quite like visiting these authentic and under-explored heritage locations in person. Visit the beautiful Norman Way in Wexford to feel the history and age-old atmosphere coursing all around you.

Norman Navigation

The Normans came up with an ingenious way to navigate the dangerous waters off of South Wexford.

Being near the coast, a brazier light lit on top of Ballyhealy Castle could have acted as a rudimentary lighthouse for passing ships in the distance. Coastal ‘fire towers’ like this may have helped the Normans to navigate the waters around Ireland.

Further along the Norman Way, a brazier light was also used at Hook Head, the site of the world’s oldest operational lighthouse.

Discover the Norman Way for Yourself

Why not take the short journey to Ballyhealy Beach and admire the coastline? Imagine the ships in Norman times sailing past, guided by this ‘fire tower’ as they sailed up the coast towards New Ross – once the busiest port in medieval Ireland.

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